April 10: National Day of Action against Fusion Centers


National Day of Action against Fusion Centers

April 10th is the National Day of Action against Fusion Centers. Protests, rallies, and teach-ins will take place in cities all over the country to draw attention to the spy centers in our midst. Fusion Centers facilitate the gathering, storing, and sharing of intelligence data that bares our lives and violate our basic human rights to privacy and civil liberties. There are an estimated 85 fusion centers all over the United States. For more information, read this Fusion Center FAQ by EFF.

There will be two Bay Area events:

Press Conference at NCRIC Fusion Center in San Francisco

11:00am – Thursday, April 10
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
450 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Oakland Press Conference / Rally at City Hall

6:00pm – Thursday, April 10
Oakland City Hall
14th & Broadway
Oakland, CA

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One thought on “April 10: National Day of Action against Fusion Centers

  1. Point 1) I have a problem with the name chosen. “Fusion” in the scientific & public mind has heretofore related to a scientific study of solar energy whereby lighter atomic nuclei FUSE to form a heavier nucleus. While science has discovered this is a natural occurrence;it has yet to artificially induce the process. By using the term “fusion” will confuse a public who already find the waters of both espionage agencies & science muddied & obscure & therefore lack good judgement. This is a form of emotional foment ill suited to the clear understanding of both science & espionage….or is that the intention? Point 2) Religion & Politics have no place in Science. Neither has the knowledge base, discipline or good intentions to be useful for the advancement of science or humanity. I am not in favor of the emotional propagandizement of the term “FUSION”. It will lead to much public confusion & misunderstanding.

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