Contact City Council!

Stop the Domain Awareness Center!
Approve the Privacy Policy

If there’s a road near you that needs repair, trash on the street that isn’t being picked up, kids with no after-school programs, libraries suffering from reduced hours and staffing – or any other services you might want the City to provide – you need to speak up!

Call or email your City Council representatives today and tell them:

    • No, no money we don’t have for a surveillance system we don’t want. Defund the DAC!
    • Yes, pass the privacy policy and the committee’s other recommendations, which they worked long and hard on, and which cover existing and future surveillance systems, ensuring our privacy rights.

To get involved send an email inquiry to:


A FAQ on the history of the Domain Awareness Center
Background on recent DAC events via Electronic Frontier Foundation
Send a comment to the Oakland City Council on the Privacy Policy


Watch former Oakland City Council member Wilson Riles explain the trap of grant and expectations funding:

Contact City Council

If you live in Oakland you have an At-Large representative (Rebecca Kaplan) and a district representative.
Dan Kalb District 1 (510) 238-7001
Abel Guillen District 2 (510) 238-7002
Lynette Gibson McElhaney District 3 (510) 238-7003
Annie Campbell Washington District 4 (510) 238-7004
Noel Gallo District 5 (510) 238-7005
Desley Brooks District 6 (510) 238-7006
Larry Reid District 7 (510) 238-7007
Rebecca Kaplan At-Large (510) 238-7008

To find your district use the Council District Locator.

Take the Survey: Comments Needed on the DAC Proposed Privacy Policy

The City of Oakland would like to hear your thoughts on the DAC committee’s proposed privacy policy.

Take the Survey:
DAC Draft Privacy Policy for Public Comment

Here are some talking points for your comments, should you need them:
  1. Strong support for all the “Additional Recommendations.” These will have far more impact than the DAC Policy, which is too narrow in scope.
  2. Specific support for a citywide privacy policy.
  3. Specific support for a standing privacy committee.
  4. Specific support for a surveillance equipment ordinance – this is the big fish.
  5. Specific support for penalties for wrongdoing. There is a lot of push back from DAC staff, which is not surprising.

Thank you very much for your support.