May 4: Oakland Privacy Working Group Meeting: Fighting Against the Surveillance State

WHEN: Wednesday, May 4, 2016
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

  • Join the Oakland Privacy Working Group to organize against Stingrays (cell phone interceptors) being acquired by law enforcement agencies, against Urban Shield, and to advocate for privacy and surveillance regulation ordinances to be passed around the Bay Area, especially by Alameda County and by the Oakland City Council.
  • We are also engaged in the fight against Predictive Policing and other “pre-crime” and “thought-crime” abominations, drones, improper use of police body cameras, requirements for “backdoors” to your cellphone and against other invasions of privacy by our benighted City, County, State and Federal Governments.OPWG originally came together to fight against the Domain Awareness Center (DAC), Oakland’s citywide networked mass surveillance hub. OPWG was instrumental in stopping the DAC from becoming a city-wide spying network, and its members helped draft the Privacy Policy that puts further restrictions on the now Port-restricted DAC.We were also the lead in having Alameda County pass the most comprehensive privacy and usage policy in the country for deployment of “Stingray” technology (cell phone interceptors).

Stop by and learn how you can help guard Oakland’s right not to be spied on by the government & if you are interested in joining the Oakland Privacy Working Group email listserv, send an email to:
oaklandprivacyworkinggroup-subscribe AT

For more information on the DAC check out

Letter of Opposition to AB 1681

The Oakland Privacy Working Group (OPWG) has written a letter of opposition to AB 1681.

This bill would require a smartphone that is manufactured on or after January 1, 2017, and sold in California, to be capable of being decrypted and unlocked by its manufacturer or its operating system provider.

The Assembly Committee on Privacy & Consumer Protection will vote on AB 1681 on April 12, 2016.

Read the OPWG Letter of Opposition to AB 1681

Get the details on the April 12 meeting of the Committee on Privacy & Consumer Protection